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  • Carroll Devine

In Cahoots with Sunsets and Yourself

The person you first and foremost need to be in cahoots with is yourself. While this might be self-evident to some, it’s a truth that too often escapes us in practice.

For all that we do in our daily, frequently frenetic lives, we tend to neglect our best friend – or the person who should be our best friend. Sometimes it hits hard when we discover the neglect.

We’re so busy trying to make our lives WORK – in careers, finances, and family and social needs that we forget to make our lives PLAY. We forget to take time to simply enjoy being alive – to dance, to sing, to listen to music, to appreciate art, to appreciate a friend, lover, or family member, to relish learning something new for its own sake, to catch the sunrise or watch the sunset, to be quiet and still, to meditate, to do nothing, or to savor small moments of joy. And aren’t these the whole point of life?

On a recent trip to Florida, I, along with several hundred others, gathered in the late afternoon in Mallory Square in Key West for no other reason than to watch the sun sink into the sea. A simple, yet profound event that comforts in its constancy and reaffirms our cahootism with ourselves and the world.

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