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  • Carroll Devine

Coming Home to Cultures in Cahoots

After a long hiatus, due to Life, I begin the Cultures in Cahoots blog again with renewed spirit. The intervening time was not lost. Trials overcome, projects completed, trips taken, nature studied, inspiration drawn, history learned, garden grown, new relationships formed and old ones renewed. With it all comes a new appreciation of the natural world and especially of its people.

It occurs to me that I – and each one of us – can through understanding, contribute to the Truth and Beauty we all want. “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” Gandhi said.

As the world becomes an increasingly smaller place, we are confronted daily by countless souls – on the world’s stage or in our own neighborhoods – many of whom don’t look or sound like us, who may hold beliefs and values that are disparate and possibly confounding or even repugnant to us, but who struggle along their human paths as we do. How should we respond that we might sleep well at night, learn the life lessons we need, and enjoy the journey?

It is the renewed aim of Cultures in Cahoots to be a platform for understanding, for conscious consumption – of time, space, experience, resources, ideas, and beliefs, for a search engine for Truth and Beauty, and for enjoying life’s journey. Your positive contributions are welcome.

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