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  • Carroll Devine


If you don’t stand for something, they say, you’ll fall for anything.

But how do you stand when you’re pushed around by crowds and blown about by prevailing, or errant winds?

It’s so much easier to choose a labeled box and live in it or pick a rut, stay in it and travel wherever it takes you, unconsciously. This may include everything from the kind of food in your daily diet, whether healthy or not, and the addictions that blind you, to your occupation and your voting choices—your brands. I am a (fill in the blank) and therefore I believe and do (fill in the blank).

Unfortunately, so much of today’s society runs on the unconscious choices of masses managed by people lacking vision. This creates problems. Every day we hear about more insanity and things that make no sense. What’s the solution?

Your world and the world at large, your health and the world’s health, are much improved when you make conscious choices that are the result of the guidance of your inner vision. Developing vision comes from quiet time, alone.

Among Native Americans there is a tradition of the Vision Quest—typically a four-day period of fasting and prayer, in isolation. It’s a time of purposeful pursuit of vision, an experience of being actively welcoming to wisdom, to seeing or knowing, beyond the individual self.

We may not have a four-day period available for such a quest, but we can surely find moments.

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