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  • Carroll Devine

Journeys Create a Story

Life is a journey, and journeys within journeys. Some are physical, some spiritual, mental, emotional, social, or financial. They almost always overlap. There is no escaping the journey, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It’s what we do. But journey brings story, and story is what makes life at minimum bearable, and at maximum the pinnacle of joy, delight, fascination, intrigue, mystery, and education. If we look at our lives – our troubles and hardships, our catastrophes, grief, regrets and our triumphs – as vehicles for learning what we need to know, as strengtheners of character, as challenges to be met, and as reason for some exultation, then we have the makings of story which comprises humanity.

My new book available on, Sleeping Between the Rails: A Woman’s Odyssey, recounts many stories – some painful to retell, some exhilarating, some inspirational. They are true stories that I took risk in telling, but which wouldn’t leave me alone until I told them. It’s my hope that within the book’s pages you will discover something of value to you – something that will re-affirm your belief that no matter what life brings, you can incorporate it into your uniquely exquisite story.

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