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  • Carroll Devine

Horse race

It’s time to take back our world from despots and thugs.

In this insane horse race that the world has become, Anger is taking the lead with Fear hardly a nose behind. Hatred and Intolerance, two horses that have been fed for too long on the hay of ignorance, are neck and neck for third place. Greed is now running in fourth, but could soon possibly catch up with Hatred and Intolerance.

All of this has elated and emboldened both Despots and Thugs (from the elites to the street people) as their bets are all on horses now in the lead.

Compassion and Kindness are lagging way behind, while Reason is almost out of contention. Civility, a handsome horse, has suffered some kind of sprain just out of the gate and has at least temporarily dropped out.

So how will the race end? Which horses will win, place, and show? It’s a cinch no one wins a race by pretending it doesn’t exist. We are definitely in a race, and the stakes couldn’t be any higher.

Which horses are you putting your money on? Where are your horses in this race? Are you making sure they are well cared for and given the proper nutrition to keep them healthy and competitive in the race? Are they being trained well and honestly? Are they brave horses like their masters or do they get spooked easily and refuse to run?

As we consider the possible outcomes of this race, we have to ask ourselves what are we willing to do to help the best horses come from behind and win? Whatever else is called for, it's a sure bet that we'll need resourcefulness, imagination, patience, compassion, and courage. We can do it. We must.

On a Sunday Morning Show, Bill Nye, the Science Guy said his goal was to change the world. He asked, "If you don't think you can, then what are you doing here?" We all have our talents. Let's use them in places where we can make a difference.

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