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  • Carroll Devine

Reason to Celebrate

We should always find reason to celebrate. In fact, if we can’t find a “reason” we should celebrate anyway, any time, any place. It doesn’t have to be a noisy celebration. That might be inappropriate. We can celebrate quietly, in spite of the madness, misunderstanding, or meanness which might surround us. And whether there’s champagne or not. Let the lively fizz and sparkle inside be enough to make our private party successful.

And it will be if we just celebrate Life, the fact that we awoke to another day, another chance to be good and kind, to uplift others, to make someone else happy, even for a moment, with a smile, with acceptance, respect, and consideration. Another day to share with people we love. Another day with another opportunity to learn what life has to teach us, another chance to be patient and to add something positive to the world’s conversation and operation. Another day with another opportunity to be grateful we have these opportunities.

Let’s remember that Life is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Yes, we’re all given tests, sometimes terrifying, but ones suited to our own individual abilities and propensities, and we have the choice to either celebrate and build for the future or to rue the day.

Of course, we have every right and reason to genuinely celebrate personal successes, accomplishments, and relationships, our own and those of others, of whatever size and seeming significance. And why not? This adds to the happiness quotient of the world overall. Don’t you agree this old world could use more of that?

So here’s an invitation for you to celebrate with me and my dear friend and wonderful artist, Suzanne King. She and I have had the chance to work together closely on a project that has just come kicking and screaming into the world, after an arduous journey through the birth canal.

Suzanne is the illustrator and I am the author of The Mystery of the Missing Smile, a book for children and the child within us all. The story, told in rhyme, with Suzanne's magnificent, intuitive illustrations, tells of young Joy who suddenly discovers she can’t make her face smile. At wit's end, she turns to her Wizard friend for help. His cheery house is full of bells and thing-a-ma-bobs, but it’s the magical Thing-Matter-Ma-Peep that lets him see the source of Joy’s problem. After he sends her on a quirky quest, she learns where smiles really come from.

As she makes discoveries on this journey, children can easily make some of their own. Indeed, Suzanne and I each made some of ours. Celebrate your discoveries daily!

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