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  • Carroll Devine

A Friend in Need

Not long ago, in a discussion with a small group of women, one of them lamented that even though she had been living in our town for several years, she didn’t have a single 3 A.M. friend.

That’s somebody, she said, who would respond to her call for help even in the middle of the night, someone who would be there to talk her off an emotional ledge if needed.

We are most fortunate if we have at least one 3 A.M. friend, whether that person is part of your “blood family” or someone who has come into your life providentially. I count myself truly blessed to be in that number. Yet, it’s even more gratifying to realize you care enough to be a 3 A.M. friend to someone else.

You may not always have the answers your friend needs, but your genuine presence could be enough. Helen Keller put it this way: “Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”

Helen would know.

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