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  • Carroll Devine

What If...

In conversation with ourselves, what if we contemplated these ten questions:

What if …

…all I get to keep in my life is only what I truly appreciate and that I’m grateful for each day?

…I gave unto others before they gave unto me?

…I stopped always judging others, whether or not I know the trials they face?

…I sought more to understand than to be understood?

…I spoke out on matters of public concern only when my words were based on solid research and unbiased information?

…I stopped criticizing and complaining about problems and wrongs, and I spent that time instead in finding solutions?

…I really listened to what others are saying, rather than always trying to get them to listen to me?

…I recognized my mission and lived my own dream rather than trying to live someone else’s?

…I always took complete responsibility for my actions and not blamed any of them on anyone else?

…I stopped worrying and moaning and instead shared the joy which we all have inside?

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