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  • Carroll Devine

Purple Showers

Every morning, for months at a time, dozens of beautiful lavender flowers appear along tall green stems clustered around our mailbox. Every evening the flowers all fall off. The cycle repeats itself the next day and every day as more dozens of Purple Showers appear then fall off in the evening.

How do they do that? Who knows? It doesn’t matter how. For me, it’s a little bit of pick-me-up magic, and a sweet reminder that life is full of ups followed by downs, followed by ups and downs and ups, ad infinitum. What goes up, they say, must come down, but also, what goes down will sooner or later go up again. No one is without problems, bad days, or bad long stretches.

I’ve seen in my own experience that sometimes, in spite of doing everything I can think of to improve a situation or solve a problem, I might just have to ride it out, learn what it has to teach me, and know that I’ll once again see the Purple Showers. Be of good cheer.

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