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  • Carroll Devine

God of the Sugar Snaps

My God of Everything speaks to me through sugar snap peas. Well, He speaks to me through many different avenues, if I listen.

But today it’s especially through the peas. I almost laugh out loud as I pick them because in my small patch, they have produced in such riotous profusion.

For more than two months the plants have startled me with their generous offerings – God’s generous offerings. All I did was provide a nutritious and comfortable bed, put about two dozen eager little green balls into it, watered them and watched as they first pushed their adorable little heads up through the soil. Then they climbed happily upward on the screen panel my husband had constructed. Soon, smiling flowers graced the vines which then quickly became, edible pods.

A brief lull a few weeks ago made me think they must be finished with producing. Not many new flowers appeared, and we had already had a number of meals from their fresh green selves and had given some away. We were more than pleased with and grateful for what the small patch had produced, and we realized that all things must come to an end.

Then suddenly, as if laughing at us, the peas were back in business with white flowers everywhere again. Now, every other day I pick the delicious pods, often popping a few into my mouth right off the vine. If I skip more than a day, some of the pods overdevelop and are tough, so we have to harvest only the large peas from inside them to eat.

Today beat all records for production. Could this be because the peas know that all indications are the weather will be warming very soon? Yes, knowing them as I do, having successfully raised sugar snap peas for three seasons now, I’m convinced they would prefer to go out in the glory of abundance in the work they were sent here to do.

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